The Idle Wild

by Wooden/Apple/Heart

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This album lives on the points of an isosceles triangle that stretches from Southern California, to Olympia, Washington, to Washington, D.C.


released October 23, 2015

Keith Anderson- Drums, Vibraphone
Scott Anderson- Piano, Drums
Hel Dastvan- Vocals
Nathalie Elam- Vocals
Sarah Robertson- Violin
Philip Rowell- Trumpet

All other music & lyrics by Kyle Baker

Cover art by Laiah Mahy

Recorded in the basement of the Soup Kitchen in Arlington, VA
Additional recording/mixing by Scott Anderson

Mastered by Juan Nintendo at Good On 'Ya Studios



all rights reserved


Wooden/Apple/Heart Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: These Things Look the Same to Me
If every crooked cop and straitlaced criminal could raise a glass, share a laugh, share a drink, share a smile it’d be different for a while. But I can’t change your mind. These things look the same to me, I guess I could be blind to presume one person’s piss couldn’t be another’s perfume.
23 years older than an empty pocket, and it’s a little bit ironic I’m a slave to the free market. And they can sell my debt. These things take a toll on me. honesty, doubt, regret. But you can’t bury that much dirt and clean your hands on your new white shirt. I’m a poor man now and I’ll be that way until my last ungodly dying day.
Track Name: Influence
I never wanted you to live like I do
My arms are tied back
But behind my foolishness and habits I do
Love all the ways you smile

Let it happen.
I had a vision of your world going out of orbit
And realized happiness is a lie
I can't pretend that there's no pain
Track Name: Moon & Pine
Now you know just where you are, count your paces at the bar. The neon sign is brighter every night, there's still no afterlife.
Now the golden's draped in red, hungry eyes that go unfed. Your appetite will kill us every time, it's there in black and white.
I want to put us on parade so we can quit the whole charade. So tell me why if I feel the splinter in my side am I the selfish one.
How can the mountain and the lake always make the same mistake? In the day they shine, freeze at night. Nothing's true except you. And in my room I've found I'm happy just to drown in moon and pine. It's been such a long time.
Track Name: Affluence
Brass tacks, cash back? No thanks. One more tank of gas to break the bank. And there ain’t a dime that doesn’t shine when you spend your days half a world away. But change will cost, the cause ain’t lost to you or me.
I’ve heard the cops’ shot stop and kill, still blood-spilled free will. I see the devil in the 20 dollar bill. I see you, who controls the news, who finances all the coups, bets on your own side to lose, who believes you could have the world if you can pay. Ever wonder where the water comes from in LA?
Track Name: If I Had a Sister
Father is troubled
He says that he’s blind
But he sees in doubles, he walks a thin line
Between knowing, and knowing when to close his eyes
Mother is liar, but she is kind
And if I must, that’s the side I choose to trust
Because our better halves are better than a hole sometimes
And if I had a sister she’d be quick to make decisions
She wouldn’t be hasty to waste the time that she was given
That’s a good head on stronger shoulders
Stronger than her older brothers
Track Name: Will for Wanting
Manzanita twisting in the soft spring light
You’re the dark and starry kind
No wonder I miss the glow
of your glassy owl eyes
I remember the smell of cedar and stories by the fire
One told of a broken heart and an engineer for hire
Now it’s mended and beating somewhere in the snow
On a buried mountain side
Fear is not a weapon here any more
We get warm, share our poems, and take off our clothes
What wild can’t we conquer for the promise of a home?
Nothing worth holding is free
Not my songs, my meals, my family
Not my will for wanting them to be
I have been under your charm
But I like it here, I like whatever hanging constellation you were born under
or I’ll lull myself to sleep under bright city lights
to the hum of the freeway
Track Name: Old Green
Old green, new green, your country’s moving
It’s the new tasting everything
But before you leave let me stitch your heart up on my sleeve
I don’t love you but you’re part of me

Old red, worn red, the flag of the wounded
Still so many of your songs swimming around in my head
Please let them ring, you set a fire when you sing
You’re here and fearless, not a memory

Mercy isn’t shown, it is given
It’s not a candle if it’s blown out but living in the flame
Whether or not you can feel them, they are chains
But the question is who made them, and who wears them
And who breaks them like a bone

Soft white, off white, always a war of some kind
Why do you bite the hand that feeds you every night?
Are you done being choked out, smoked out by the burning hills of history?

Nation is the game that we’ve been playing
And these borders keep us all the same
if there's no home to defend then language is the end
so until you say their name, they will never surrender
Track Name: Confluence
The morning used to be a place where I could hide away
Where I’d awake before my troubles, through the window, lit my face
But now they’re bright and blinding, bound to be the reason I’m afraid
Don’t want to live inside that frame
With every risk that I don’t take
The evening used to be a tune that I could hum all day
Whose silver moons and deepest blues could keep the ghosts away
Now looking back, the song’s too fast to play, and in my mind
I wish I could negotiate the time
Hope I can get a hold of mine
But the future’s not a place where I can hide away
Here it’s lonely but it aint the worst thing.
...caught in the current of...