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Steve’s got a watchmaker’s mind
He thinks about time
and how numbers design and callous every minute that he counts
He peels away his desires
They’re just cables and wires
He holds the soldering iron and needs nothing more than food upon his table
He sees the flashing of the brake lights
Illuminate the beauty of the turnpike
He hears the music of the windshield wipers
And lives his life inside the engine
So curious and childlike
He recalls the moment that he questioned god
Or that time he built a synthesizer
And felt none the wiser

Nora speaks with her eyes
She befriends fireflies who light her village at night
Brighter than the torches of a thousand angry people
She comes face to face with a bear
Who was caught in a snare
But the pain that they share makes them closer friends and infinitely kinder
She sees the dancing of the candle light
Throw her quiet shadow all across the room
Feeling alone in this whole allegory
She lives her life on the tip of her pen
So curious and childlike
She recalls the moment that she questioned god
Or learned that beauty’s nowhere but inside her
But still felt none the wiser




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