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This album is the result of a failed song-a-day challenge for the month of July. Here's to next year!

Recorded on my beloved TASCAM DP-008EX in bedrooms, bathrooms, porches, and cars in Olympia, WA


released August 1, 2015

Haikus on track 6 brought to you by Ari Galper, Elisa Hough, and Colin Rosemont

"I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore" is a song by Woody Guthrie, I just added my own verses



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Wooden/Apple/Heart Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: July 1 (Out)
Landed the hot seat, man you got caught trying to be someone you're not. It's simple when I see it, you're like the spider on my ceiling. I can't leave my window open because the summer lets the bugs in.
Out on an island put on the spot. Trying to sell the clothes that you bought. It's simple when you hear it, I guess you need someone else to say it. Can't find the voice or the face to fake it.
Track Name: July 2 (Gabriel García Márquez)
I've always wanted to sit down right next to you and pick your brain for an hour or two, ask you how you learned to do that "sit down, shut up, drink up drink up" and not die much too young. I always pictured you as some living, breathing real cartoon, writing in a darkened room, water colors hiding in those words black and white, the sun at midnight to confuse the time. My head/my toes. Pull those pedals off this lead rose.
Track Name: July 5 (Fonder)
Yesterday seemed so dead on its heels, though I found a meadow that sings and brought it back on its feet.

Careless or fearless? Sleep on the difference. Friends that are dearest to me can wander away.

I dreamt of that rooftop above every shadow, then woke up to a rainbow
free and fonder today
Track Name: July 7 (Maybe, Enemy)
peach sun's colors run
grey to gold the river flows
clouds pass, summer slows

forest figurine
reaching for the brightest star
upended, unearth'd

we avoid these words:
microchip, computer, and...
but let's not pretend

maybe, enemy
but I know they'll need me too
so I let them be

unusual threat
not close to what we're to
there's more seduction

what even am I?
I'd rather let them tell me
'Cause we're never sure

these technologies
I'm sure they know I'm alive
all of this "knowing"

strange times, difficult
I know that I must try (ahhhh, an error in the code!!!)
teach them how to cry
Track Name: July 8 (I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore)
Grew up in suburbia, never was I poor. Had a car at 18, it even had four doors. Now that I'm struggling I want it back the way it was before, cause I ain't got no home in this world anymore.

Pitch a tent on Steamboat Island, move into my boss' house. Try to avoid the asshole who just got back into town. Now that wretched monster is sleeping right next door, and I ain't got no home in this world anymore.

I ain't got no home and I think that what I need is to drive out from Olympia to Washington DC. Waiting on that job or to go knock down its door. 'Till then I ain't got no home in this world anymore.
Track Name: July 14 (Glean)
Treasure at the bus stop
I'll be there when I'm ready
All the places that you glean from
You're not here to please anybody

Pressure not to look back
Someone trouble always follows
Walk along the train track
There's no one else I'd rather be. No one.
Track Name: July 21 (You Bring the Coast)
You bring the coast to the middle of my country
You build a bridge under my feet
Where the fog stretches on and the highways settle
Three ends of the candle burning
A river of song freezing in a canyon
What silence are the petals skating on?
An apology as gentle and as careless as your finger collecting dust from the top of your forgotten television screen.
Track Name: July 26 (I Can Live Without Nothing)
Mother is beside us all the time. She says that love is not to keep. Just spit the key out of your mouth, and I will promise not to sleep inside your house, cause I can live without nothing...I mean...

Then dad shared a dream that he had written down, about his own dad being with him. He wasn't terribly alone, he got to spend time with the kids, he had learned the saxophone, he just needed someone else to play along. He could live without nothing.
Track Name: July 29 (Time Wounds All Heals)
Every muscle in my body tightens
I wasn't too obvious now, was I?
Because leaving never gets easier
and the sun never actually rises.
In the thunder wander under cover
or come find quiet in the storm.

What seemingly infinite and infinitely weird series of events transpire
to get you in the same room with anybody that you've ever been in the same room with?